Doa Sorocaba

The Doa Sorocaba is a civic and democratic campaign that derived from the #GivingTuesday movement created in the United States in 2012, when the Belfer Center for Innovation & Social Impact at 92nd Street Y, proposed an attitude to oppose unconscious consumerism to celebrate and encourage giving and philanthropy, as a global day of donations fueled by the power of media and collaboration.

The movement’s goal is to engage the population in a global solidarity movement that encourages people to donate not only material goods and money, but also their time, attention, knowledge, and voice to those in need.

In 2013 the Giving Tuesday was celebrated the first time in Brazil, with the name of Dia de Doar. This celebration does not have a fixed date. It always occurs on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, considered by many to be the most important holiday in North America, to oppose the strong commercial dates such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

In Sorocaba, the Instituto Alexandre and Heloisa Beldi (IAHB), whose mission is to awaken citizens to their transforming potential, loved the possibility of being able to disseminate and think about initiatives related to the donation and civil engagement with the most diverse causes and target groups and embraced the movement in 2014.

In 2015, challenged by the promoters of the Brazilian national campaign, IAHB found out about Baltimore’s independent campaign – Bmore Gives More, and decided to give a local foccus to its initiative by creating the Doa Sorocaba, highlighting the city as a municipality where people truly commit to social causes. From the start the Doa Sorocaba received support of Atua Publicity Agency, responsible for creating and publicising the campaigns since then.

IAHB believes in the transformative power of the donation, both for the recipient and for the donor, and for that reason it reinforces that despite the commemorative date, donations can be made every day and therefore we suggest that the partners take action, position or activity related to the topic, engaging employees, other partners, publicizing causes so that the campaign reaches the most diverse groups of interest. Fundamental is that the initiatives endeavoured are publicized in social media with the use of #doasorocaba #diadedoar # tododiaédiadedoar, inspiring others to engage!

This campaign enables the donor to talk about their donating experience and how gratifying it is! Sharing this kind of information in social media reinforces the idea that giving is simple and easy and inspires more people to do the same!

For the 2018 campaign, IAHB has offered to partner social organizations a workshop on Storytelling techniques, as we believe it can help social organizations to talk about their cause, mission and results in a persuasive way in order to engage and mobilize audiences to action. The workshop occured timely so that organizations could prepare themselves in a structured way to participate in the Doa Sorocaba.

Storytelling is the ability to tell stories in a relevant way, where audiovisual resources are used along with words, since the purpose of telling a story is to enchant and captivate an audience and lead it to adhere to an idea or action . It is a method that promotes a cause in an insightful and intelligent way. The tool stands out for the ability to narrow the relationship between a brand and its final consumer. It is a great ally to share ideas, knowledge and other interests through a narrative.

The purpose of telling a story is to enchant and captivate an audience and lead it to adhere to an idea or action.

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