2016 ConSePS Facens – 10-year Edition

In its tenth edition, the 2016 ConSePS Facens aimed at offering new contributions for the growth and development of the social organizations.

The goal was to select social organizations carrying out relevant activities in the cities of Sorocaba and/or Votorantim, contributing to their inspiration and ability to disseminate their impact, thus generating greater benefits to their target public and the community, as well as an inspiring social entrepreneurship to build a fairer society.

The 10-year contest was split into the following stages:


Training sessions:

  • 16-hour training on Strategic Planning;
  • 24-hour training on Management of Social Projects through the internationally certified methodology PMD Pro1 (Project Management for Development);
  • 16-hour training on Fundraising.
  • 8-hour Pitch workshop.


Immersion with leaderships:  32 hours for exchange, in-depth reflection and engagement of the participants, to promote the required changes, through the following topics: Impact dissemination, training and management of high performance teams, alignment of personal and organizational missions, training leaderships and succession, tracing possibilities for impact dissemination, development and implementation of an impact plan.


Organizational Assessment: The goal was to evaluate the degree of maturity of the participating organizations in 12 different management areas: organizational identity, strategy, management and fundraising, organizational values, learning and innovation, leadership team, council, team, volunteers, communications, organizational structure and processes.


Awards: The organizations that fulfilled the participation criteria presented an impact plan, pointing out the changes to be implemented and expected impact. The three most consistent plans aligned with ConSePS objectives received an investment of BRL 15,000.00 (fifteen thousand Brazilian Reais) each.


Celebrating 10 years: Held since 2007, the contest originally focused on projects presented by social assistance entities, granting occasional awards. From its eighth edition, in 2014, ConSePS innovated and changed its selection procedures to award applicant civil society organizations in Sorocaba and Votorantim, expanding its selection and support scope, in order to help disseminate and improve the impact generated by the institutions.

Throughout those 10 years, 31 awards have been granted, benefiting 23 social organizations and reaching many direct and indirect beneficiaries through the several hours of training and immersions – actions grounded on collaboration challenges being overcome, learning and knowledge exchange!

To celebrate such a significant date, Facens held an event open to all social organizations in Sorocaba and Votorantim including two inspiring lectures by two prominent Brazilian social entrepreneurs:

  • Karen Worcman – Historian with a graduate in linguistics, and creator of the People’s Museum [Museu da Pessooa] in São Paulo, a pioneering institution that has been dedicated, for the past 22 years, to change life stories into information to spread knowledge across society; and
  • Wellington Nogueira – Founder of the group of clowns “The Doctors of Joy” [Doutores da Alegria], bringing cheerfulness, humor and lightheartedness through humanizing initiatives in children’s hospitals and treatments.

This great 10-year cycle of inspirational projects was fabulously completed.