2015 ConSePS

As a result of this revision process implemented in 2014, ConSePS became more robust, encouraging social organizations to rethink their activities in order to increase their social impact and to implement improved managing solutions, based on the knowledge and tools provided to the participants.

The 2015 ConSePS continued aiming at supporting social organizations in Sorocaba and Votorantim to assure the dissemination of their activities’ social impact!

The 20 organizations selected to participate in this edition of the contest received:


– 72-hour in-class training tailored to the needs of the social organizations, namely:

  • 16-hour training on Strategic Planning;
  • 40-hour training on Management of Social Projects through the internationally certified methodology PMD Pro1 (Project Management for Development);
  • 16-hour training on Fundraising.


– 32-hour immersion with leaderships for exchange, in-depth reflection and engagement of the participants, to promote the required changes, through the following topics:

  • Impact dissemination;
  • Training and management of high performance teams;
  • Alignment of personal and organizational missions;
  • Leadership training and succession;
  • Tracing of possibilities for impact dissemination, as well as development and deployment of an impact plan.


– Evaluation assessment by means of an organizational analysis that aimed at detecting the degree of organization maturity in 12 different management areas:

  • Organizational identity;
  • Strategy;
  • Management;
  • Fundraising;
  • Organizational values;
  • Learning and innovation;
  • Leadership team;
  • Council;
  • Team;
  • Volunteers;
  • Communications;
  • Organizational structure and processes.

– The non-profit organization participants had the chance to compete for up to 3 (three) financial investments
 of up to R$ 15,000.00 to implement an improvement plan in their impact designed during the training.