About Us

Instituto Alexandre e Heloisa Beldi (IAHB) is a non-profit organization conceived to preserve the legacy built by the Beldi family’s patriarch, Mr. Alexandre Beldi Netto, who was a successful businessman and entrepreneur in charge of Grupo Splice, as well as a remarkable philanthropist. IAHB was established on July 17, 2012.

This family and their companies are the driving power behind a number of social initiatives which have already benefited several civil society organizations over the years, mainly in the region of Sorocaba. IAHB focuses on structuring and strengthening non-profit institutions by offering capacity training, particularly in the field of management, and by helping them build new partnerships and foster the social society in the municipalities of Sorocaba and Votorantim.

Articulate opportunities and partnerships and provide tools to foster the development of civil society.

Inspire citizens’ potential to promote change.